In 2014 I decided to focus on self- care and why it’s important as a mom to take care of yourself first. But it’s wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to help other women to prioritize self-care. And BOOM like an explosion Self Rebrand was Born. Results and reviews from moms all over was flooding in.

The past few years I have been able to help guild many moms plan, organize, delegate and self- care while building their business and raising a family. Yes! I helped them all while I was in nursing school and raising my own children.

For years I was dedicated to being the best mom, wife, student and daughter. But I soon found out that it was hurting me more than helping me. Perfectionism was killing my dreams slowly. Three months after my youngest child was born, I was over it. I had a self- talk mirror conversation and it was then I said “Brandi there is no right way to be the best mom”. That day I started a new daily routine for our household. I came up with a strategy that included budget, meal prep, weekly and monthly goals. There was no more self- doubt or perfectionism because I changed my mindset and was determined to reach my daily goals.